Friday, February 25, 2011

Best Snow Slide EVER!

80hrs of work = a LIFETIME of memories.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Having been fortunate enough to do a little traveling in my lifetime, I thought I’d share my list of TOP 5 TRAVEL FACTS…#1 being the most important to remember:

5. Get used to the idea that itineraries are not set in stone
It’s okay to have an itinerary. But, don’t fill up every second of your trip with a scheduled event. You will fail at staying on schedule. More importantly, you will fail to enjoy your trip.

4. Expect surprises
Some will be pleasant: Some of the best nachos I’ve ever eaten were not in Mexico, Texas, or California, but in Scotland. Yes. Right in the Highlands…they were delicious.
Some will be unpleasant: My family once had a tire blow out at TWO separate times during ONE short two-hour drive on a weekend get-away. One-blowout-per-hour is not a good measure of travel distance.

3. Pack Light
In order to take only what you need, you should know what “need” is.
6 pairs of shoes for a 10 day trip is probably not something that falls in the “need” category. Sure, MAYBE you might sometimes regret not packing something. But you WILL ALWAYS be glad you don’t have to lug heavy bags on and off of vehicles, through parking lots, or in and out of airports.

2. Meet the locals and get to know yourself a little better
Forget the stereotypes. I’ve been to Paris, France and I’ve been to New York City.
I have not met one person that fits either of the negative stereotypes most people associate with both of those cities. Visit the tourist-traps for the fun of it. There's nothing wrong with it. But, for truer and more exhilarating travels visit with the locals. You will be glad for the experience. You will discover as much about yourself as you will about other people.

1. Go somewhere, ANYWHERE!
My family never has been financially well-off, but my mother loved to travel…she still does.
As a child in my mother’s home we scraped up and saved up all we could for our vacations. Then we packed into our old station-wagon and make great memories. Most of our trips weren’t the kind you find in popular travel books and magazines. Most were to simple inexpensive places. But ALL were vacations that live fondly in my memory.

Ultimately, it’s not the destination that makes vacations great. 
It’s the time spent away from the daily drudgery life is filled with. 

Disney World is truly magical. Paris at night is lovely. The English countryside is beautiful in the spring. I’ve been lucky enough to experience these things and will not argue the facts.

But the emotional benefits of my time spent traveling with my family are what made the biggest impressions on me as a child. And now, I gather life-long memories from vacations with my own children.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sword Dance and Shadowgraph

This is very entertaining.
I wish could see it live some day.