Friday, March 11, 2011

Soldier And Loyal Canine Partner Die On Same Day.

British soldier Lance Cpl. Liam Tasker had a special partner in his duties.
His partner was a bomb sniffing Springer Spaniel named Theo.

Only hours after Tasker was shot and killed by a sniper in Afghanistan, Theo died of a seizure...some claim it was a broken heart.

May both rest in peace.

Read the full story and watch the video below for further details.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Photograph Of A Human Being Ever!

What is believed to be the very first time a person was caught on film.
The year was 1838.
The medium is not really a "photograph" but a daguerreotype.
The image was taken by the inventor of the medium himself, Louis Daguerre.

Click on the photo for a much larger view!

The "person" in the image is of a man getting his boots shined on the corner of a boulevard in Paris.

The sidewalks and streets of Paris were likely busy during the taking of the "snapshot" and not empty as the appear.
But, the process for taking the image took approximately 10 minutes.
Thus, anything that wasn't relatively still for 10 minutes did not appear on the daguerreotype.

Some have found images of other people on the photo like a man standing under an awning, a woman under a streetlamp, a person in a window, and a child peering through another window.
Do you see them, too?

A fine study of the image has been done by Nicholas Jenkins. See his blog for more information about this amazing picture.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weirdest Vending Machines On The Planet

In a world where we expect everything at our fingertips, it's not so astonishing to believe there are vending machines selling some pretty crazy stuff....and I'm not talking about those old Skittles you find in some machines.

I'm talking about live crabs, bikes (Yes. Bicycles), milk, and toilet paper.
Those are some examples of the weirdness I'm referring to...HAVE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF!

Bike Vending Machine in the Netherlands

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are Your Tires Safe?

Even your NEW tires may not be as safe as you believe.
The appearance of a good tread is no indicator.

This video is from 2008, but still applicable to today's tire purchases.
Become an educated buyer of tires to avoid buying or driving on old tires.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Levan Songulashvili

Watch the video of some stills showing the work of young Georgian artist Levan Songulashvili.

His work is amazing.
And all of the artwork in this video was created by Levan as a teenager.

Here's his Youtube page for more videos of his work and one of him playing the piano.
Yes. He's a great piano player, too.....and all by ear (never had one lesson).