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There are few books about business that have moved me as much as this one by Mark Henricks.

An entrepreneur had lurked within me for years.
And after reading many books, and after following many schools of thought, and after trying many different avenues in search of my own business…It was finally this book that set my inner-entrepreneur free.

I credit Henricks and his book Not Just a Living with my finding happiness after over a decade of misery in the corporate world…and after two decades in the daily grind of working hard to make other people’s dreams come true.

I plan to review other books via my blog in the future. But, I can speak with certainty that none of my book reviews will cover a book that has so positively influenced my life the way this book has.

Too many books written for would-be entrepreneurs are written from the perspective that if a $50k-a-year salary is good, then $250k a year is better. And if $250k annually is better, then $1million must be great.

This philosophy is not applicable to all entrepreneurs.
Wanting to make a living while still having time for a life is what many of us desire.

Other books want to steer you towards a specific business or industry like MLM, Technology, Robotic engineering, Real Estate.
Hey these are all the hot industries of tomorrow.
Jump on and become the next hot-shot millionaire they shout.

What if you aren’t interested in MLM, Technology, real estate, or engineering?
Many people would rather earn a decent living saving animals than making a killing creating the next Microsoft.
Others may prefer to just keep a good standard of living for the rest of their life by giving surfing lessons on some beautiful beach instead of earning six figures annually designing tomorrow’s factories.
While others still, would prefer to have the ability to run a successful business and attend all of their child’s soccer games rather than owning half of the commercial real estate in Manhattan and never being home on weekends.

Sure some entrepreneurs want to become millionaires; others want to be powerful business owners ruling over giant global corporations that employ thousands. And some want to be the hotshot cover on Money Magazine.
And there is nothing wrong with that.
But not all entrepreneurs feel this way.

There are enough books that cater to those future millionaires.
This book is for those who want financial freedom without the stress of working 60+ hours a week.
It is for those that want to own a business and not just own a job.
It is for people who prefer flexibility in their work schedule over corporate power.
But mostly, this book is for people who value time, friends, and family over financials and need help learning how to find what the perfect business is for them.

You will get no information on what the “hot” business is for tomorrow from Not Just a Living.
But, this book will teach you how to find the perfect business for you.
You will not find any get-rich-quick promises in this book.
But, you will learn that being rich has little to do with the figures on your bank statement.

If you are truly interested in working for yourself, give Not Just a Living a chance to change your life.

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