Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

The loss of a child's tooth is handled differently throughout the world.

Here are some traditions that may be familiar...and others that may not be so familiar:

Slovenia, Spain, and Mexico
There is no Tooth Fairy.
It is instead a mouse that replaces the tooth with money or candy during the night.

Japan and Korea
An upper tooth is thrown onto the roof.
A lower tooth is placed beneath the house or floor of a home.
This helps an upper tooth grow downwards and a lower tooth upwards.

The tooth is made into a pendant head, key ring.
Some also follow the same customs as Japan/Korea above.

There is no Tooth Fairy.
The tooth is simply kept as a keepsake.

The tooth is fed in meat to a young dog.
Mongolians respect dogs as guardian angels.
Feeding the "guardian angel" the tooth helps make sure a strong tooth will grow in its place.

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