Wednesday, January 12, 2011


With all the hoopla going on regarding Verizon and AT&T due to the recent iPhone announcement, I thought I’d share a thought or two.

I am a customer of both companies.
My needs require that I have two cell phones.
Coincidentally, I have one with Verizon and one with AT&T.

I like Verizon better.

I have little faith in AT&T’s signal.
Unlike my Verizon phone, there are times when I lose the AT&T signal as I go in and out of buildings.
I have no such problem with my Verizon phone.

Here’s an example:
If I’m anywhere beyond 5 feet from the front door of my local Sam’s Club I can forget about using my AT&T phone.
Yet, the Verizon phone will give me a strong signal on every aisle of the place.
And before you ask, YES, I’m enough of a nerd to have checked my phone signal while walking in each aisle at Sam’s Club.

If I’m going into a local mall, Sam’s, or Wal-Mart, I don’t even bother taking  in my AT&T phone.
In those places, my AT&T phone becomes little more than an awkwardly shaped pocket watch.
Telling time is about the only thing my AT&T phone is good for in most large retail buildings.

I don’t know that I would cancel my AT&T service based on this issue.
I don’t spend that much time in the buildings where I fail to get an AT&T signal.
But, if I were limited to only one cell phone – my provider would have to be Verizon based on signal-reliability alone.

By the way, on the subject of Verizon's iPhone, read an early report from a first-hand user at PCMAG.COM


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