Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And the Biggest Reason I don’t like the iPad

Reason #1 - I don’t own one!!!

By far, the biggest reason I do not like the iPad is that I don’t own one.

“I don’t own it, therefore I hate it”
Didn’t a great philosopher once write that?
If not, he should have.

If you own an iPad and have any self-respect, reasons #4-through-#2 given on my previous blogs should have already given you enough cause to rid yourself of your iPad.

I understand this.
I expected this.
And, I’m here for you.
Send me an email.
I will tell you where to ship your iPad so that I may relieve you of that foul thing.
I will not even charge you a disposal fee.
No need to thank me for this service – But, if your conscience insists, you can send me a check with your iPad…blank, of course.

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