Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paranormal State of Confusion

Sunday evenings on A&E - Paranormal State

Do you believe?

I’m not referring to the paranormal.
I don’t care whether you believe in that or not.
I’m referring to the show still being on the air.
Can you believe it’s still on?
New episodes showing the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) doing what they do began Oct. 17.
It’s their fifth season.
Yes. Their FIFTH season…really!

Remember the original intro in those early episodes?
It read:
Each year, PRS receives hundreds of reports of paranormal activity…only responding to the most severe.
This is one of those cases.

If the show airs only the “most severe” cases out of hundreds they receive…why are there so many crappy episodes?

I understand the PRS wants to help people as goal #1…and maybe they do that.
However, A&E isn’t about helping people – it’s about ratings.
They would love nothing more than to see the Paranormal State episode where Beetlejuice bursts out of a closet and jumps onto Ryan Buell’s back. Then as the two wrestle around the room breaking furniture, that tiny lady from Poltergeist comes flying through a window and expels the demon off Ryan’s back amidst flying glass and Ryan’s screams.

Hell yeah!
You’d watch that episode!
I’d watch that episode!
Everyone would watch that episode!
And A&E would love us for it.

But, back to the topic, the PRS has researched the most severe cases out of thousands received through four complete seasons of Paranormal State.
Yet, we still have no proof of the paranormal. 

Maybe it’s time the PRS get into another line of work.
Maybe the PRS gang could become meteorologists.
On second thought, an accurate weather forecast is more elusive than a ghost.
I really believe I’ll see a ghost before I see an accurate 5-day weather forecast.
Better stick to ghosts PRS.

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