Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mental Floss blog - Ouija Board

I just noticed my blogs so far have ghostly undertones.
That's not intentional -- I guess I'm already in that Oct 31 frame of mind because here's another:

As a child my siblings and I spent a lot of time gathered around a Ouija Board.
My best memory regarding the Ouija was actually from a session I was not a part of and one that occurred well after my siblings and I became adults.

My sister took her daughter to a sleep-over a few years ago.
The hostess was not a close friend to my sister.
But my niece and the hostess' daughter were school chums.
My sister decided to hang out for a while to let the girls settle in.

The hostess asks my sister if a Ouija Board session would be OK.
Remembering our family sessions fondly, my sister accepts.
To ease the girls into the Ouija experience, my sister and the hostess offer to go first.

The hostess handles the primary duties and seems to get some activity out of it.
She then asks my sister to ask a question -- a question "I could not know the answer to".
My sister thinks a moment then asks the "spirit" to spell the name of one of our relatives. She doesn't give the name - just his relationship to us.
Keep in mind that the hostess hardly knows my sister - much less my family - and this relative my sister asked about has a most unusual name (I only know of one other person outside my family with this name).
Well -- my sister looks on in astonished silence as our relative's name is spelled letter by letter.

I don't believe in ghosts...but I believe in my sister.
She's the most honest person I know.
So the whole situation is a bit of a mystery to me.
She told me this story one day and I don't think I'll ever forget it.

On that note:
The great blog Mental Floss has a great blog regarding the Ouija Board.
Check it out by clicking the Mental Floss link HERE


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